Coordinate table-rond between Ukrainian vice-Ministry Olga Savateeva for European Intergration,  Ludmila Lemrini chair-women for Swedish-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Moroccan Chamber of Agriculture Casablanca-Setta "Marocco"


The State Agrarian Chamber delegation from Morocco visited Kyiv.

On November 27, a meeting of representatives of the state Agrarian Chamber of the Casablanca-Settat region (Morocco) and Luidmyla Lemrini, The President of Swedish-Ukrainian chamber of Commerce was held in Kyiv, organized by the SQLAB clinic.

The delegation of the Agrarian Chamber visited Kiev in order to establish trade and business relations between Morocco and Ukraine. "We consider Ukraine to be an important business partner. Cooperation with local businesses will make trade routes between our countries more accessible and the market more flexible," said Abdelfatah Ammar, The President of The State Agrarian Chamber in the Casablanca-Settat region.

During the visit, Abdelfatah Ammar, Lemrini Ludmila, The Vice President of Swedish Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Scandinavien, Svyatoslav Khanenko, the founder of the clinic SQLAB and other guests discussed the strategy of development of relations between Ukraine and Morocco in the field of trade and diplomacy. "Such visits are important for both countries, as they contribute to more effective partnership between Ukrainian and Moroccan companies without intermediaries," Luidmyla Lemrini, The President of Swedish-Ukrainian chamber of Commerce, said.

The visit was organized by the Swedish Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Scandinavien together with the innovative Kyiv clinic SQLAB. Read more about the clinic.  https://sqlab.com.ua

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