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Swedish Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Scandinavia offers you services of representing non-EU based manufacturers in a successful EU Market entry and safeguarding their future across the European community

Any non-EU based manufacturer which wishes to make their goods available within the EU market requires an EU based entity which meets the requirements laid out in the applicable legislation(s). For any manufacturer based outside of the European Union looking to introduce products to the European market under General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC GPSD 2001/95/EC, introduced on January 15, 2004, established in law the requirement for any manufacturer based outside the European Union to elicit the services of an Authorized Representative to handle their interests inside the European Union. The idea is to achieve greater consumer safety, as well as increase transparency and harmonization on the EU market.

While the EU is an economic and political union, it is still not one single country. It requires a professional representative to support you in navigating the complexities of changing legislation along with economic and political upheavals across any and all of the 28 EU Member States and 4 EFTA countries. However, many manufacturers do not prefer to transfer the Technical file to their distributors, because it contains a lot of confidential design and production documentation that they do not want to disclose to the distributor. Also, many manufacturers want to maintain the flexibility of changing the distributor. And the distributor can be excellent in sales, but does he have the necessary knowledge and experience in the field of regulation?


The duties of an EAR Authorized Representative (EC REP)

• Provide a registered address in the European Union

• Keep available the Technical Documentation for inspection by the European Authorities.

• Complete Notification to the European Authorities

• Complete (any) registration to National Databases when necessary

• Take care of (any) incident reporting

• Represent the manufacturer towards the Commission, Authorities and Notified Bodies.

• Safeguard compliance with constant regulatory updates.

• Consult on European Regulations.

Choose your Authorized Representative wisely. You don't want to end up with a cheap, one day company that disappears when you need it the most. Search for a reliable regulatory expert with experience in your field.

Authorized Representative service from Swedish Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Scandinavia is you right choice.


We are an ideal partner to represent non-EU based manufacturers in a successful EU Market entry and safeguard their future across the European community. Swedish Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Scandinavia provides a reliable Authorized Representative service (E.A.R.) and becomes your regulatory expert in EU.

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