What we do 

Certificates of Origin, registration of members, certifying commercial documents, providing legal services, receiving business delegations and serving business groups and councils are among daily operations at the Swedish Ukrainian Chamber to help business.

The Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Scandinavia is a member organization with good knowledge of the Ukrainian and Swedish markets and their players. The Chamber of Commerce has its headquarters in Stockholm and a representative office in Kyiv. The Chamber of Commerce conducts analyses and assists companies with consultation regarding the establishment, negotiation, marketing and related issues as well as conducting trade promotion projects.

The Chamber of Commerce is actively working to develop and deepen bilateral trade relations between Ukraine and Sweden, increase knowledge of business structures and create positive networks between business and government.

The Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce is an important link for the marketing of Swedish products and services in Ukraine and aims to actively work for Sweden's image in Ukraine, promote a steady increase in trade between both countries and work effectively to strengthen Swedish-Ukrainian trade relations.

We provide services in the form of service and advice to companies and organizations. We can also help companies find new partners, identify key people and decision-makers about various business, as well as help with the establishment of companies in Ukraine.

Legal advice

Do you need information about taxation, accounting, employment relationships or starting business?

Contact the Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. Oral counseling service is free member affiliation for members of the Chamber of Commerce.

Business Services

We are an important forum for business relations with an increasingly important market - European Country Ukraine. Our members, big and small export and import companies, banks and other service companies, also account for a very large part of Sweden's trade with Ukraine.

Management Advisors

We are an ideal organization whose task is to promote trade between Sweden and Ukraine as well as increase knowledge about Ukraine in Sweden. 

We are committed to helping you with information to contacts with strategic partners that can promote your business.