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    Join Our Webinar: 'Entrepreneurship in Sweden for Ukrainians with a residence permit with temporary protection under the Directive: barriers and solutions - Q&A session'






    17:00 - 20:00

    The Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Scandinavia is excited to invite you to an engaging and informative webinar aimed at supporting and promoting Ukrainian businesses and start-ups in Sweden.

    Topics to be Covered:

    • Understanding the Swedish Market: Insights into the demand for various business activities in Sweden.
    • Finding Swedish Partners: Strategies for partnering with Swedish businesses across different sectors.
    • Navigating Regulations: Guidance on interacting with tax authorities and sector-specific business associations in Sweden.
    • Building a Community: Creating a supportive Ukrainian business community in Sweden to enhance entrepreneurial rights and foster partnerships with Swedish companies.
    • Open Discussion: Addressing topics of interest to Ukrainians and planning regular informational meetings to continue these valuable discussions.

    Why Attend?

    • Gain valuable insights into the Swedish business landscape.
    • Network with potential business partners and fellow entrepreneurs.
    • Receive expert advice on navigating the regulatory environment in Sweden.
    • Join a growing community of Ukrainian entrepreneurs in Sweden.

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  • Don't miss this opportunity to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey in Sweden. We look forward to seeing you there!

Contact Person

Liudmyla Lemrini

CEO of Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

Phone: +46 73 077 42 32

Mail:  liudmyla.lemrini@svensk-ukrainsk.se