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Build New Ukraine

The Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Scandinavia is deeply committed to supporting the process of rebuilding Ukraine. Recognizing the importance of economic development and sustainable growth for the stability and prosperity of the nation, our chamber actively engages in initiatives and partnerships aimed at supporting Ukraine's reconstruction process. Here are some ways we contribute to this process:

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  • Promoting Investments:

    We actively advertise investment opportunities in Ukraine, urging Swedish businesses and investors to participate in projects that contribute to infrastructural development, technology implementation, and overall economic growth of the country.

  • Business Collaborations:

    Facilitating cooperation between Swedish and Ukrainian companies is a key task. By encouraging partnerships, joint ventures, and knowledge exchanges, we aim to enhance the potential of Ukrainian companies and contribute to the development of various sectors.

  • Workforce Development:

    We support workforce development programs that provide Ukrainian entrepreneurs and professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary for sustainable economic development. This includes training sessions, workshops, and educational initiatives in collaboration with relevant parties.

  • Advocacy for Trade Policies:

    Our chamber actively advocates for trade policies that foster fair and mutually beneficial economic relations between Sweden and Ukraine. Participating in discussions with relevant bodies, we aim to create an environment conducive to increased trade and economic cooperation.

  • Humanitarian and Social Initiatives:

    Recognizing the importance of social responsibility, we participate in humanitarian initiatives to address social challenges and promote community development in Ukraine. This may include support for education, healthcare, and other social projects that positively impact the lives of the Ukrainian people.

  • Cultural and Educational Exchange:

    Promoting cultural and educational exchange helps build bridges of understanding between Sweden and Ukraine. By facilitating such exchanges, we contribute to the transfer of knowledge, ideas, and experience that can positively influence both societies.

  • Collaboration with NGOs and Government Agencies:

    Our chamber works with non-profit organizations and government agencies involved in Ukraine's recovery process. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to leverage collective resources and expertise for more effective and impactful initiatives.

    The Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Scandinavia places great emphasis on active participation in the process of rebuilding Ukraine. Through these diverse initiatives, we strive to promote economic resilience, social wellbeing, and overall sustainable development of the country